Fortnite: How to Complete Knock Down Timber Pines Challenge?

Every week Fortnite brings a new set of challenges for players to complete and gain experience. One of the new challenges of the current week, (Week 5 Season 1 Chapter 3) asks you to Knock Down Timber Pines in a game. The challenge is very easy to achieve, provided you know the location of the wood pines. In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily find timber pines in Chapter 3, Season 1 of Fortnite.


How to destroy timber pines in Fortnite?


There is no particular method to successfully complete this challenge quickly, but with a good knowledge of the locations of the timber pines, you can save precious time. Before talking to you about timber pines and their locations, it is important to know that to knock them, you just have to strike with your pickaxe, like on any tree, or structure to destroy it.

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In Fortnite there are a lot of locations with trees and regarding the timber pines we recommend mountainous and snowy areas since this is where the pines are located. More specifically, we recommend the area surrounding Camp Cuddle, especially to the south since you will find a large number of timber pines, and since it is a little frequented area, you will not be in danger.