Fortnite: How to get Pizza Slices and their Benefits?

The latest Fortnite update 19.10 brings back the Pizza Pit restaurant and the Tilted Tower location.

Now, you can enjoy Slurp Mushroom Pizza Slices with your teammates. A pizza box contains eight slices of pizza that you can share. To get them you need to pick up a box and throw it to get the treat.


If you're wondering what are the benefits of eating slice of pizza in Fortnite, they  HP and Shield until you reach 100 HP and 50 Shield. To find Pizza Night boxes, there are several possibilities:



Supply Drops

Dropped by Loot Llamas

Randomly appear on the ground as loot.

Also, you can buy them from the Tomatohead NPC

Fortnite, How to, Pizza Slices, Benefits?

Please note that Pizza boxes are not yet available in the game's competitive mode.