How to get XP and Money Fast in Pokemon Arceus?

If you're wondering how you can get some XP as well as money fast in Pokemon Legends Arceus then don't worry we've got you covered in this guide.


Now, the farming method that we are going to show you here requires you to have the Crimson Mirelands area unlocked, which is the second area that you unlock during the game as you progress. So you actually do get access to it fairly early on and for faster efficiency at doing this farm you also want a Pokemon that can one shot a level 50 alpha or at least a party that's strong enough to take it down. So I recommend that you have at least level 30 to 50 Pokemon throughout your party in order to beat this alpha so you can farm it reliably.


To make this easier for yourself you're going to want to use the elemental weaknesses of the Pokemon to your advantage. So make sure you have strong fire flying psychic or ice type moves in your party so you can defeat it very quickly. Each run of defeating this Pokemon will take about a minute to a minute and a half of your time and will yield you between 3000 to 4500 per item sold depending on what drops from the alpha. This means that you get roughly on average about 3750 money per minute for about 225000 money per hour which we could reasonably round down to about 150 to 200000 based on the load times or messing up a run and human error.


The items that we'll be using to sell will either be the seed of mastery, which sells for 3000 each or the XP candies with the large one selling for 4500 each obviously you don't have to sell this you could use this to increase the amount of XP per minute that you'll be getting or you could sell it if money is your priority. So you can choose if you want to invest more in XP or more in money with this farm.


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The Pokemon that we'll be farming for this will be Roserade, which again is in the Crimson Mirelands area. If you have the Brava Arena unlocked it'll be much faster to access the Cloudpool Ridge, which is where it spawns. However, you don't need to have progressed this far in the story you could always run on your mount or on foot in order to fight it and farm it.


Depending on the level of Pokemon that you have in your party you can get between about 3000 to about 1000 XP per kill and that's not including the XP candies. If you choose to use them you need to make sure that you're coming here during the day time otherwise at night Honchkrow will spawn here instead as an alpha and if you want to farm him then you will need rock electric ice or fairy type moves because obviously it's a different Pokemon so has different weaknesses.


So essentially travel to the Crimson Mirelands fast travel to the Brava Arena if you have it mount up and run to the Cloudpool Ridge area, defeat the Alpha, fast travel back to camp, back to the village and then go back and repeat that process, taking roughly about a minute per run. Do this over and over again for as long as you want. Head back to the village sell all your stuff for a tidy profit or even use those XP candies if you just want to boost your Pokemon's power.