Useful tips to getting started in Pokémon Arceus

If you are new to the Pokémon Arceus and want some useful tips to help you start your adventure then these helpful tips can get you started on your journey in Pokémon Arceus.


So first things first, if you played Pokemon games before you should know this but if you haven't check your type match ups. Of course Pokemon come in different types in this game and of course different elements are stronger against other elements, so it's important to make sure you consider this because in this game some of the Pokemon are pretty tough they're actually designed to be a lot tougher given the sort of environment they live in but mainly you want to check your type match ups. You can of course do this by looking in the menu but when you do go to select your Pokemon if you're battling another Pokemon the game also has a handy way of indicating what is effective. There will be little symbols that appear next to your moves and if you see a triangle this will imply that it is low effectiveness. If you sort of see the target of the circle this implies it is super effective. The dot is regular effectiveness and if there's a cross it means no effect whatsoever. So keep this in mind when choosing your match ups in battle.


Next one when it comes to capture Pokemon weakened Pokemon are of course easier to capture, if you're battling a Pokemon and you really want to catch them then get into red hp will of course make them easier to catch them but beyond that of course paralyzing them or putting them to sleep will also increase your chances. Early on it's pretty standard, pretty easy, it's not too difficult to catch them but later on when you do start fighting some of the tougher Pokemon this is going to be difficult.


It's also important to note that there are multiple ways to level up Pokemon this time around. In previous games you could of course only level up by winning battles and just sort of fasting in general but in Arceus you can gain XP from capturing Pokemon, from XP candies and from gathering. So effectively if you prefer a slightly less aggressive playstyle, a slightly slower pace then it's entirely possible to level up and still progress.


Also on the topic of candies don't forget to save your rare candies for higher levels of course red candies are a great way to level up your Pokemon for free and of course as you level more XP is required to hit the next level. So using them early on is kind of a waste of time because it doesn't take you long to level up Pokemon early on. So saving your rare candies for higher level is mathematically more efficient.


Pay attention to lost satchels for mercy points, gifts, trade points for items things like that. You do need an online connection for this one but this basically allows you to find satchels from defeated players and when you find them you get lots of items in them and evolution items can also be bought for merit points at the trading post. So basically while you're out and about paying attention for these is important and if you look at your map you'll often see them marked quite clearly you then want to farm the shiny things. Keep your eyes open for shiny or nodes for stardust because each of these stardust will sell for 1000 Pokemon dollars so it's a good and easy way to make some money.


You also want to try and secure the shaking things basically, whenever you are walking around the world you will see some things like rocks or trees sometimes you'll see them shaking now of course ordinarily you can interact with these just two five items but if they're shaking Pokemon will be hiding inside them. Sometimes they are pretty basic Pokemon other times the ones you don't necessarily see roaming around. So if you're trying to sort of find new Pokemon for your team then make sure you attack anything you see that shakes.


Now, as you're exploring of course be gathering lots of items. So if you want to increase your satchel size then bagging or begin who is in the galaxy hall will increase your storage space it does get expensive though so make sure you're paying attention on screen. You don't want to hold on to every item in your satchel you can put things away you're not using. So you're only carrying the essentials because there's nothing worse than seeing some good loot and not being able to pick it up.


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Now, whenever you're catching new Pokemon once you have maxed out your team capacity they will then go back to the pen because build PC does not exist in this universe, computers haven't been invented yet obviously so instead when you go back to town you want to visit the pastures or you can speak to the guy at the camp to swap your party members. So when you catch a new Pokemon that you really like and is not in your team that is how you change it. Additionally, don't forget to update your Pokemon's moves. When you learn a new move it's different to old Pokemon where you get offered a new one and the old one gets thrown out. Now, you hold on to all your moves but you do need to manually switch them out in the menu. So basically make sure that if you are progressing leveling up make sure you do go and check the menu because it might well be that you've just been going for quite a while you're thinking to yourself why my moves not changed and suddenly you're sitting on a whole host of new powerful abilities.


Also, worth noting the evolutions are now triggered manually. When your Pokemon is ready to evolve you need to enter the menu and trigger the evolution. It is worth noting that holding off your evolutions can sometimes benefit certain Pokemon but for the most part you just want to trigger these as soon as you can. It's entirely up to you but do keep in mind if you want to evolve make sure you head into the menu and do those things manually.


Finally, don't forget the charm lady Lucille. There are three charms you can buy at the village. One means you lose fewer items if you black out, one means you are less likely to faint and one means you can escape the status conditions inflicted on by Pokemon.


So there you have it, there's a few useful tips that you can keep in mind when playing through the game.