Dying Light 2 DL2: Open Locked Doors without Lock pick

To progress in Dying Light 2 (DL2), you have to open locked doors using lockpicking technique. However, players have found a simple trick that will let you break and open closed doors and save you lockpicks.


This is how you can break and open locked doors: Two skills in the parkour skill tree are important. You only need one of these to open locked doors.

Crowd runner

- Press LB/L1/G while running to dash through a group of enemies and reduce your damage taken.

- Requires 160 stamina and the Sleek Runner skill


- Press R2/RT/Right Mouse while sprinting (hunting sprint with Left Stick/Shift) to ram multiple enemies.

- Requires 200 stamina and the Dart skill


Now run towards a locked door and use one of the two skills to break it open. You no longer need to waste lockpicks on doors.

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The Crowd Runner skill is likely to be the fastest option, as you need less stamina to unlock the ability.