Dying Light 2 How To Complete Elena, Black Widow sidequest?

In Dying Light 2, there are many sidequests and Elena / Black Widow is one them. In this guide, we show you how to complete it.


To get this get this mission, you have to head to the Wharf and meet the quest giver named Jolly. She will ask you to investigate her father’s girlfriend known as Black Widow. First, you must find Josh at the Fish Eye. There, you can chat with the people in the bar, then go looking for him in the area that will be marked on your map.


Once you find Josh, tell him about Elena. During the conversation, you have to watch out the infected, kill them and then put the fuses back in place before talking to Josh again. He then tells you that he thinks she poisoned people and that she would store this poison in small orange container. Go to the boat and search Elena's room for evidence. Once you have found the possible evidence, you will have two choices, namely:

Dying Light 2, How To Complete, Elena, Black Widow, Sidequest


1 - Report her and the quest will end after explaining the situation to Jolly


2 - Say it's nothing serious and you'll move on to the rest of the mission.


If you select the second choice, go find the Plague Witch, Baba to learn more about the orange container you found. Baba then asks you to find reagents in the Cathedral. Be careful, to recover them, you will have to go through chemical zones, so remember to have immunity boosters or UV mushrooms with you. As soon as you have get the items, go back to Baba, then go prove Elena's innocence by going to her cell. Again, you will have two choices:


1 - The first one is to take the antibiotics and if you do, she will be released

2 - The second is not to take them and then she will be sentenced to death


In case you if you select the first one, Jolly won't be happy with your choice. Regardless of your choice, the Elena quest will end anyway.