Elden Ring: How to get Rune Arc and Activate Great Rune?

In Elden Ring there are different ways to get rewards and upgrades like Great Runes. Great runes are activated using Runic Arc.


Great runes allow you to gain active bonuses until the death of your character. To benefit from the rewards, you must unlock a Great rune and to do this you must use Rune Arc.


When you have a Great rune, and when you have restored one, you will be able to access the Great Runes menu from a grace point.


Elden Ring, How to get, Unlock Rune Arc, Activate Great Rune

These resources are rare, they must be used in rare and important occasions, for example when you are going to face a boss. You can buy them from a Roundtable Hold merchant for 4,000 runes , and you can also get them from the dead opponents.