Fortnite: How to Join Valentine's Day Event 2022?

Love Is In The Air is a Valentine's Day event on Fortnite. All you have to do is join the map of the title name and get the maximum score to try to qualify for the event with the content creator of your choice.


It is important to record your best score on video to show the proof and then you have to send it to the official website. But how do you join this game mode to participate in this event?


To join this game mode to qualify for the Love Is In The Air event with the best players and the content creator of your choice, the easiest way is to:


Getting to the list of Fortnite game modes

Go to the "Island code" tab

Enter the following code: 7266-3680-0768


In this way, you will instantly join this game mode. You can then fill out the form on the official Creative Mayhem website with the video of your best score! This form is available until February 14.

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The next dates are as follows:

From February 15 to 22, videos are reviewed and qualified entrants are determined

On March 12, 2022 , the Grand Final is played with the best team from each region