Fortnite Marshmello Music: BeFoRe U or ReMiNiSce, Which One?

It's official: Marshmello is back in Fortnite with Melloverse set! It comes with Marsha and Marshinobi skins, each accompanied by their accessories. The Marshmello skin will also return to the in-game item shop at the same time, starting Wednesday, February 2, 2022.


In addition to that, it will be possible to vote between two songs that are part of Marshmello's next album. This vote will make it possible to designate which one will become music for the show!


How to vote?


It is currently possible to vote for one of Marshmello's unreleased tracks to become living room music in Fortnite! For that, you will simply have to go to the official voting site.


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Then you just have to listen to the two songs named “BeFoRe U” and “ReMiNiSce”, and choose which one is your favorite. To validate, click on the "Vote" button, and enter your name and email address. Your vote will then be taken into account!


The voting will end Thursday, February 3.