How to Activate Saint Paul Power Plant in Dying Light 2? DL2

In this quick walkthrough, we’ll show you how to activate the power plant in Saint Paul Island.

Now, at the beginning of this quest you’ll encounter some enemies in the power plant yard. You have to defeat them and then you have to past the building on the right. Take the ladder at the back of the tower and climb up and then left onto the roof. Enter the Saint Paul Power Plant through the broken window.


First, jump into the water on the bottom floor. You will not be injured. Here you can find the green power generator for pillars A, B and #1.


Get the cable and swim up to the left. Right on the first level you will find the power generator A. Plug in the cable and open the grate on the left with the activated button.


Turn on your flashlight and head into the room. Turn left and go down the stairs. Here you have to take a deep breath, because you will have to swim underwater for a while.


Swim straight through the hallway until you see a set of stairs on the right. There is a yellow arrow on the wall telling you to swim down there. Do this and then swim straight ahead into the tunnel.


Now turn right again and swim towards the gate that you have to open. Important! Don't swim straight through. Turn around and then swim up to the green power generator #2. Grab the cable here.


With this cable you can now quickly swim through the opened gate. Then keep to the right and come out. Climb up to the first level and you'll see the red pillar no. 2. If the cable doesn't reach here, then you didn't take the right turn.


Now jump back into the water in the main hall and pull the cable from the power generators A, B and No. 1. Put it back in your pocket, turn around and swim with it to the other end of the hall.


How to Activate, Saint Paul, Power Plant, Dying Light 2, Guide DL2

Come out again and turn left where you will see the red pillar B. Connect the cable to it and open the gate on the right by pressing the button.


You can almost see the red power generator number 3. Before that, turn left and run down the stairs. You'll have to swim for a while here again, so take a deep breath and hurry up.


Swim straight through the passage and then down, continue straight through the passage until you see a set of stairs up. Follow these stairs all the way to the top and climb up the yellow ledge. Grab the cable from the green pillar C there.


Take the stairs to go down and go back through the passage. Now, swim straight towards the red pillar C and connect the cable to it.


Now swim left to the lattice gate and open it with the button on the wall. Swim through and then up the stairs. Turn left and grab the wire on the green power generator #3.


Turn around and swim towards the gate, which you have to open quickly. Swim through and come out. If you climb up on the right, you are again in front of the red column no. 3, into which you have to insert the cable.


Now jump back into the water and swim back to Pillar A, B and No.1. Grab the cable here again and come out. Climb to the level above Pillar A, B and #1 and you are directly in front of the red Power Generator #1. Connect the cable to it.


After you have connected the generators accordingly, you now have to go back to the elevator. This will lead you to the control room where you will activate the power plant in Saint Paul Island.


Note that you must first collect the loot. As soon as the power plant is activated, the loot disappears. You also get the warning directly from the game when you try to flip the switch in the control room.