How to Choose Faction in Dying Light 2 (DL2)?

In Dying Light 2 (DL2), there are several major factions, the two main ones being the Peacekeepers and the Survivors.


Some fans of the game are looking for which faction is the best in DL2 when they give a facility to a specific faction and it is important to mention that your choice does not have a specific impact on the ending of the game.


If you're wondering which faction to choose to grant each territory's major facilities, well, that will greatly depend on how you play. Peacekeepers give you plenty of weapons to fight the Infected while Survivors let you have tools to make Parkour easier. Here are the bonuses given by each group.



Each of these bonuses will be placed in areas controlled by Survivors.


Ziplines - Additional zip lines are placed

Airbags - They help you to jump higher

Landing Bags - Bags that cushion will allow you to fall without any damage

Survivor Revival - When you fall, you will be revived at a nearby location

Air Vents - They increase your mobility with the paraglider

Upgraded Airbags - Upgraded Airbags will allow you to jump even higher

Two-way Zipline - This will allow you to move in both directions


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Each of these bonuses will be placed in areas controlled by Peacekeepers.


Car Traps - You can activate car traps that attract the infected in before exploding

PK Razor Cannon - Powerful cannons are placed in order to eliminate many infected

Electric Traps - These traps electrocute enemies within range.

Crossbow Pack - Receive a unique crossbow and blueprint set for elemental tiles

Molotov Lanterns - When hit by a projectile, these Molotov lamps fall and ignite enemies that are in its area of ​​effect

Pendulums Traps - in the form of pendulums are placed allowing you to destroy entire groups of enemies

UV Trap - UV traps trap Infected chasing you and serve as an additional source of light