How to get started in Horizon Forbidden West HFW?

In this short tutorial, we put together a few useful tips for those of you that are jumping into the Horizon Forbidden West (HFW) for the first time. Whether you are a veteran player or not these are a few things that you want to keep in mind as you're working throughout your adventure, things that will definitely help you when it comes to combating machines and taking on the foes within the world.


The original is a fantastic game and I do highly recommend you play it but the game does have a recap video that you can watch as a means to basically get you up to speed because the game does kick off pretty much where the last one left off. So if you don't necessarily do that or you haven't got any experience it is going to assume prior knowledge. So having access to that video will at least kind of get you caught up so you can dive in and enjoy this world. You should again still play Horizon one, it is a fantastic game but if you don't have the time understandably there's a lot of games coming out right now then you can still jump into this.


Moving on from there to number two, movement is your friend Aloy's defense is very limited in this game and coupled with extremely low health at least at the start of the game. It's really important to keep on your toes and play smart, you have access to slides, glides, dodges and grapple heats. So ideally you want to make sure you're weaving these in between your attacks to keep your enemies at faith then make sure that you level up your armor.


Armors have different skills and perks and slots and as you play throughout the game you can level them up and leveling them up allows you to get the most out of these armor sets. Like most of them upgrades will of course require machine parts so some of them you will do later on in the game but make sure you're battling your machines, farming your machines and getting those materials because those upgrades along the way will definitely help you when it comes to those tougher later encounters. On top of that make sure you use coils and weaves mods for your armor and weapons. If you played the first game you'll be familiar with the system it makes a return in HFW and often these will boost the ammo types and the passives seen on your armor and your weapon abilities basically, want to get more bang for your buck use this stuff. Additionally, make sure you spec into your play style. The game has a skill tree and the skill tree is broken into different play styles of sorts, find one that works for you and kind of spec into it a little bit, want to get your hands dirty spec into melee, want to be a bit more methodical and sneaky maybe infiltrator and trapper are your go-to choices. Of course you're free to spend your points wherever you please but investing more heavily into your chosen playstyle will of course allow you to better embody that style.


How To, Get Started, Horizon Forbidden West, HFW

Then moving on from there learn your enemies weaknesses if you are monster hunter players then you will know this already. It is all about preparing, fail to prepare, prepare to fail whilst of course you can check these things on the flyer. You can use your focus and you can then use this as means to basically get some information and also some extra breathing room. You can also tap the touchpad once you've scanned to analyze specific weak parts of the monsters but of course knowing these ahead of time will allow you to plan for your engagements maybe choose the right weapons for the task. So learning these of course as you'll be fighting these machines more and more later on will definitely help you out. Additionally, learn your elemental combos. Some elemental damage types on face value may appear to be a little weak but they play a larger part in combos with other damage types. For example Purgewater, once applied makes machines shock or frost build up and in turn frost state means enemies are more susceptible to impact damage which leads into the next point. So basically learning these combos don't necessarily sleep on an element that you think initially might not be massive damage because it might set it up for something much bigger. Also vary your weapons whilst it is okay to have favorite archetypes, you will be burning through your resources if every single weapon is the same in your arsenal. It's good to have a variety to get comfortable with as well as having variations in damage types. So that you are prepared for most encounters, of course you might want to spec in for tougher battles but generally speaking variety is good. Additionally, make sure that you sell your treasures running low on Shards, sell your treasures it's really that simple. There's no reason to hold on to them because it is an easy way of boosting your money without having to sell important resources. Treasures can be found by pinging your focus and looking for caches but they can also be quest rewards so keep an eye out for those.


Additionally, for those of you that go into open world games and sometimes get a little bit overwhelmed keep in mind it is okay not to do every side quest seems pretty obvious but the game is designed to be able to be played the way that you want. If you want to do a request then by all means go for it but later on in the game you will find tackling some of these quests a little bit easier when you get to the end game. So it is definitely entirely possible to basically go and clean up all that stuff later on.


Finally, search Sunken Caverns for Greenshine. If you are nearing end game you'll notice gear requires a rare resource known as Greenshine whilst you'll find this listed around the world the best farm. So to speak for these are Sunken Caverns they provide a lot of Greenshine in each location and will alert you once you've gathered all of it in one area. So definitely be on the lookout for this.


Those are a few useful tips on how to get started in Horizon Forbidden West.