How to Play Dying Light 2? Essential Tips for Beginners

In this article we’ll give you some essential tips that help you to get you started during your first hours of Dying Light 2.

Our first tip is to master the Parkour skills: it is important to learn these skills to progress quickly and to escape possible Infected. Also remember to look around while you run in order to plan your journey.


Our next tip is to work with your teammates: we recommend that you play cooperatively with your friends, especially at the very beginning of the game because you will not have a lot of skills. By cooperating with your friends, you will be able to escape from the infected more effectively, and also they can help you to cover while you pick chests or vehicles to obtain resources.


Our next tip is to stay on the rooftops: it is safe to stay on the roofs because you will be able to avoid the infected and also from some bandits. Besides, you’ll also be able to find roof caches such as honey, chamomile and UV mushrooms. It should be noted that it will sometimes be possible to encounter enemies on the roofs, even if these encounters will still be rare.


Explore the map during the night: while some players prefer to explore the map during day but we recommend doing it at night because you’ll be able to more easily explore dark areas that are full of resources and also you’ll be able to increase the XP. You will earn both in combat and in Parkour allowing you to unlock the best skills in the game more quickly.


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Crafting tools: the will allow you to craft many objects but some will be more useful than others. We mainly advise you to unlock the plans for the Molotov Cocktail, the UV lamps, the incendiary arrows, the stamina and immunity booster. Here's why we recommend these items:


Molotov Cocktails and Incendiary arrows will allow you to destroy several opponents while inflicting incendiary damage.


The UV lamps / flashlight will give you some respite from certain particularly formidable infected, such as Howler, who will not or hardly approach you when one is active.


As for the endurance booster, you will be able to recover your energy and with the immunity booster, you will be able to restore your resistance time to infection. It should be noted that the UV lights have the same effect as the immunity booster.