Lost Ark: How to Complete Wounded Pilgrim, Unlock Awakening

The Wounded Pilgrim in Lost Ark is one of the side quests to unlock your character's awakening skill, the ultimate skill. The quest line is not difficult but it is quite long and asks you to travel through the different continents of the game.


Quest Objectives:


Listen to Ealyn talk about Armen

Speak to Elder Balu in Parna Forest

Find Herbalist Kobe and ask him about Armen

Collect Kobe’s Herbs from Slimes

Give the herbs to Kobe

Follow Kobe

Search for clues to where Armen was attacked

Show the necklace to Kobe

Read Armen's letter

Go to Twilight Isle

Investigate Twilight Isle


You might have trouble on the step that asks you to find the evidence to where Armen was attacked. To help you, you can use the following map:

Lost Ark, How to Complete, Wounded Pilgrim, Unlock Awakening Skill