Lost Ark: How to Find and Ride the Raptor Dinosaur?

 In this short guide, we’ll show you where to find and ride the Raptor Dinosaur in Lost Ark?


In Lost Ark, Raptor Dinosaur is called the grey stripe raptor and what makes this mount really cool is not only its unique visuals but the fact that it has a skill called run that allows you to sprint while you're riding the mount which is just a nice feature to have and speeds you up a bit.


To get this Dinosaur you need to go to the North Vern continent on the minimap. Generally, you reach this area at about level 50 and you will get to Vern castle and it begins your sort of end game loop and your progress through tiers one, two and three of the gear item level.


However, once you reach the North Vern area what you want to do is as much quests as you can and we found that the purple quest, the guide quests that you can press J on your keyboard and view the various tutorial style quests that just basically revolve around activating and teaching you what the different systems are in the main city in Vern castle. You'll find that by doing these and the other quests in the region you will in no time build up the % for the North Vern region.


Once you reach 30% that you will have unlocked the Raptor Dinosaur, which you can then use whenever you like and it is also account wide so you can actually use this on any of your characters because all of your mounts apply to all of your different characters. So if you choose to then level up and you should have this available for them as well.


A great thing about doing this quest as well is that you'll also get the 20% reward the skill rune called iron wool, which gives you damage reduction while casting the skill that you slot it in and having these skill runes is very useful for your build and there is a variety of different effects that you can get throughout the game but for this one specifically you want to slot it on a skill that you will often be close to enemies and taking damage while casting.


You also do get this vitality increase potion which increases your maximum vitality, which is another nice thing to have.


So there you have it. Now, you know how to get the Raptor Dinosaur for all your characters.