Lost Ark: How to Unlock, Complete Hall of Silence, Boss Rush?

In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to unlock and complete the Hall of Silence, the first level of Boss Rush.


In Lost Ark, after you reach level 50, you can access Boss Rush and the Hall of Silence at item level 802.


To enter in Boss Rush, you need to get a Boss Rush Ticket which you get from Chaos Dungeons from item level 802.


With the Entrance Ticket, you can go to the Boss Rush tower and register to enter using your ticket. You must then tackle several opponents that should be easy if you are of an item level higher than 802.


Lost Ark, How to Unlock, Complete, Hall of Silence, Boss Rush Guide

On the other hand, if your item level is near to 802, we recommend that you build a team to help you succeed in Boss Rush. A ticket is for one-time use and it is rare to obtain one. Besides, the rewards are interesting.