Lost Ark: How to Unlock Elegy of Serenity Song? Quest List

In Lost Ark, you’ll find many side quests and one of them allows you to unlock the Elegy of Serenity. You have to complete this quest on Glacier Isle and it is the end of the quest line that begins with "Iceberg Inquiry quest chain" located on Peyton.


However, to access this quest, you must have completed the quests in the Origins of Stern area and all the Arthetine questline.


If these requirements are met, head to Peyto to get the first part of the quest chain that asks you to travel to Glacier Isle. Pursue the following questine:


Iceberg Inquiry

Silent Prelude

Dastardly Disease

A Nose for News

The Sickly Sea

Rhapsody of Renewal

The Jig is Up

Justice Achieved

Elegy of Serenity

Lost Ark, How to Unlock, Elegy of Serenity, Song, Quest List


After completing these quests you’ll be able to unlock the Elegy of Serenity, a song that will be very useful for the rest of your adventure, as well as the island symbol of the Glacier and rewards to upgrade your equipment.