Where to find Rare Alpha Pokemon: Pokemon Legends Arceus?

In this quick guide, we’ll show you where to find the most popular Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus?


Now, if you do want to catch Alpha Pokemon then make sure that you bring your best Pokeballs, things like Great Balls or Ultra Balls. You should also consider bringing food like Bean Cakes because you can use that to lure monsters and increase the chances to catch them from orange to green and if you're having difficulty catching them don't forget that if you throw Pokemon from the back you get a back shot then you have an increased chance of catching it. So definitely do combine all of those and it should make your life a lot easier.


Now, our first Alpha Pokemon is Pikachu of course the one of the famous mascots for the series this is located in the Obsidian Fieldland, near the cliff edge, near Obsidian falls. Keep in mind Pikachu is one of those rare spawns

We have another incredibly popular Pokemon called Ninetales. To catch it you have to head to the Cobalt Coastlands, there you want to go to the Southeast Firespit Island and this is where you'll find it.


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Next on the list we have Lucario. If you want to get an Alpha Lucario you want to turn your attention to Alabaster Iceland. You then want to go to the bottom of Icebound Falls and there you'll find Lucario.


Next up on the list we have Eevee. Again, this is one of those rare spawns and is much like Pikachu. Also a rare spawns in Obsidian Fieldlands, you want to go over to Horseshoe Plains and in the exact same locations that regular Eevee spawn. You can also get Alpha Eevee but of course unlike the other ones where they are fixed spawns and you can go there and they'll be there every single time. So if you do not get lucky you can of course go back to camp, you can change time of day, you can then rest and hopefully go back out and repeat.


Next on this we have Gardevoir. To catch this one you'll need to go back to Alabaster Iceland and this time you want to turn your attention to the middle of hot crack.


Next up is Gyarados: To get Gyarados you need to go to Lake Verity and again if you want a quick handy tip on this Bean Cakes make capturing this monster incredibly easy.


Finally, we have Snorlax. If you want to get the Alpha Snorlax then you want to turn your attention again to the Obsidian Fieldlands and this time you want to go near the river between Lake Verity and Deertrack Path.


So there you have it, quick little guide on where to find popular Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus.