Babylons Fall: How Crafting System Works? Unlock Forging

In Babylons Fall, if you want to create items then you’ll have to unlock this feature. To unlock crafting system, you’ll need to do the third volcanic cloister. Once you have done that, you will be able to unlock the crafting system run by Ishum which allows you to access crafts and create items and equipment.

In order to craft items and equipment you need materials and it is possible to have them by:


- By recycling equipment that you no longer need. It should be noted that you will have an indication of the components that you will be able to use by dismantling your equipment.


- By opening chests


- By collecting loot from enemies or by directly collecting materials in the different places of the game


Babylons Fall, How Crafting Works, Unlock Forging

You will also be able to get blueprints for crafting items and equipment by purchasing them from Pygmalion who is in the main area of ​​Babylon's Fall.