Best Settings to Run Tiny Tina's Wonderlands TTW on PC

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best setting to run Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (TTW) on low-end or high-end PC. 


First, let’s optimize the Windows:


Game Mode - On


Xbox Game - Off


Capture: make sure that all the capture settings are at off


Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On


Make sure that your graphics driver is up-to-date


Next, under the power option make sure to use Balance or High Performance


Now, let's open the in-game settings



Graphics API - DirectX12


Display Mode - Full Screen


Aspect Ration - 16:9


Resolution - Native


Vertical Sync - On


Resolution Scale - 100%


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Limit Frame Rate - Custom


Custom FPS Limit - 170


Calibrate Display


Field of View - 100



Graphics Quality - Medium


Anti Aliasing - FXAA


Texture Streaming - High (depends on the amount of your vram)


Material Quality - Medium


Anisotropic Filtering - 8x


Shadows - Low


Display Stats - All




Draw Distance - Medium


Clutter - Medium


Terrian Detail - Medium


Foliage - Medium


Volumetric Fog - Low


Screen Space Reflections - Medium



Character Detail - High


Post Processing 

Ambient Occlusion - Medium


Camera Motion Blur - Off


Object Motion Blur - Off


Object Motion Blur - Off


FidelityFX Sharpening - Off