Elden Ring Boss Guide: Tactics to Defeat Radhan Easily

Radhan is one of the Demigod bosses in Elden Ring. You can find it at Redmane Castle in Caelid. It is important to face and defeat Radhan to progress in the game and this fight takes place in two phases:


Phase 1

Once the battle starts you must advance towards Radhan. This battle will not be easy since he will hit you with many arrows that you must dodge. We recommend that you take your mount to get to its melee faster. Then you must hit him to take his HP down to 50% to make him go into next phase. Take your time dodging his attacks and then inflict damage on him. Radhan's combos are destructive so you'll have to keep your distance.


Phase 2

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Radhan will fly up and hit the ground immediately so stay away from the point of impact to avoid taking damage and use mount to move faster. He will use the same attacks as in phase 1 but will occasionally send meteors at you that you can counter with a dodge. You can call allied soldiers to help you. We advise you to attack it from a distance with a bow or spell. For melee, wait until he no longer does his gravity combo where the boss' weapons are purple.