Elden Ring: How to Complete Quests and Get Memory Stones?

In Elden Ring, you have one spell slot at the beginning. If you want to increase this then you’ll have to obtain memory stones. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete quests and collect six memory stones.


Here, we’ll show you how to collect six memory stones.


Memory Stone #1: Seek 3 Great Wise Beasts at Oridys' Rise


Oridy's Rise is a tower that you can locate it in the East of the Weeping Peninsula. There you will find a chest with a Memory Stone. Now, the entrance is blocked and you have to do a puzzle to open it. At the statue in front of the stairs you can read what you have to do: "Seek 3 Great Wise Beasts".


The wise beasts are three ghost turtles that are near the tower. You must find and eliminate them to solve the puzzle.


The first turtle you’ll find a few meters before the stairs leading to the tower entrance.


You have to look for the second turtle in the bushes behind the tower.

The third turtle is invisible and wanders around in the water west of the tower.


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Memory Stone #2: Seek 3 Wise Beasts at Testu’s Rise


North of the Academy of Raya Lucaria, there is a small deserted island in Liurnia. There you’ll find the Testu's Rise, the tower entrance is closed and you have to seek three Wise Beasts again.


The first one is next to a ghost zombie northeast of the tower by a cliff.


To find the second Beast, you’ll need to search the trees near the tower. The turtle is actually hanging from a tree (bow and arrow will do the job).


For the third turtle you have to jump off the cliff north of the tower and look for the beat.


Storage Stone #3 Round Table Hold

After defeating Godrick the Grafted and unlocking Roundtable Keep, you can easily get a Memory Stone. The Twin Maiden Husks sell it for 3,000 runes .


Storage Stone #4 Converted Tower


For this Memory stone you have to go to the Converted Tower, which is southwest of Raya Lucaria's Academy in Liurnia. Climb the broken walls here to reach the top of the tower. Up there you will finally find a chest with the Memory stone.


Storage Stone #5 Raya Lucaria Academy


You will automatically receive a storage stone when you defeat the Red Wolf Radagon in the Raya Lucaria Academy. It is imperative that you do this so that you cannot miss this Memory stone.


Storage Stone #6 Seluvis's Rise         


To get this Memory stone, you have to complete the quest from Ranni. In doing so, you will have to face the challenges in Caria Manor in order to gain access to Seluvis' Rise. At the top of Seluvis' Rise you can then collect the Memory stone.