Elden Ring: What are the Fight Club Rules? Locations Guide

In Elden Ring, you have the option to organize secret PvP battles set up like fight clubs. In this article, you’ll find out what these secret PvP tournaments are all about, their rules and how their battles work.    


What are fight clubs?


Fight clubs are secret, unofficial organizations in which people, according to strict rules, can compete in hand to hand combat.



What are the rules of fight clubs? 

In Elden Ring, a player can organize the fight club and can summons 2 fighters and judges using the summoning system.


Preparations for the fight often take place non-verbally due to the lack of voice chat in the game. This is followed by a brutal hand to hand combat. Magic is allowed but frowned upon. The use of healing potions, however, is strictly forbidden. Anyone caught is immediately sizzled away with magic by the host.


After a short break, the winner of the duel can take a new opponent summoned by the host. The reward for this effort? Glory, honor and respect!


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Fight clubs locations: In Elden Ring, you’ll find them mostly by accident. Due to the large, open world of the game, this has become even more difficult.


However, the most popular locations that are slowly forming are:


The first place of grace at the start of the game

Near the Boilprawn Shack in central Liurnia of the Lakes

Near the Smouldering Church in North Limgrave

The main entrance to Raya Lucaria's Academy

Also, according to GamesRadar, there's one place where the developers themselves seem to have had fight clubs in mind: Mountaintops of the Giants.


This mountain top is difficult to reach, you have to kill the boss Morgott the Omen King, destroy the capital Lyndell and reach the big lift of Rold. So you climb an icy mountain that stands out far from the rest of the game world.


According to GamesRadar, up there is the ideal place to hold the venerable rituals and fights of the Elden Ring Fight Club far away from the rest of the game.