Fix Elden Ring White Screen, Crashing after Update 1.02.1

Some Elden Ring players have been experiencing the White Screen Crashing when starting the game. Here we’ll give you some possible fixes to resolve this issue.


- Uninstall Elden Ring Patch 1.02.1


The patch 1.02.1 has rolled out recently on PC and PS5 and could be the cause of the White Screen Crash. The best thing to do is to remove this patch until a new update available with the correction of the bug.


- Delete temporary files

Here are the steps to remove temporary files.

Elden Ring, Fix, White Screen, Crashing, Update 1.02.1

Type %temp% in the Windows search bar (Windows key + R)

Open %temp% folder from list

Select all with CTRL + A and press the Delete key

Disable Discord and Steam Overlays

Discord and Steam overlays can sometimes cause game bugs, especially on Elden Ring. So here's what to do.


- Go to Discord User Settings and disable Streamer mode and in-game overlay.

- On Steam, go to the In-game option in the Settings menu and uncheck the overlay option.