How to join Emmanuel Macron's Minecraft server?

Minecraft allows people to create and connect servers including the one created by the campaign team of French president and candidate for the upcoming election, Emmanuel Macron. In this short tutorial, we’ll show you how to join his server.


Minecraft players who want to join the French president’s server, then you need to do the following:


Launch Minecraft

Then click on the Multiplayer / Multiplayer menu on the main game screen

Now click on the Add Server button / Add server

In the window that opens, click in the Server Name / Name of the server space and choose a name to give to the server you are going to join

Now enter the address which was given on the Twitter account of Avecvous in the Server Address box

Press the Done/Done button to add the server to your server list

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To use Emmanuel Macron's server, all you have to do is click on the server you just added to join it automatically and thus discover the world that has been created by his campaign team.


Please not that each server has its rules and that you must respect them or risk being banned by the Admin.