Lost Ark: How to Access the new Argos raid? March Update

The new Argos raid will be available to play with the March update. 


Now, if you want to play Argos raid then you will first have to reach a minimum ilvl of 1,385 (Phase 2). Once you have completed this task, all you have to do is head to the major cities in the game to find an Abyss Raid Statue with which you can interact to enter Argos.


This raid is an Abyss and that during this challenge, you will have to defeat a much more fearsome guardian than in the other raids before the time runs out. It should be noted that these Abyss Raids are accessible for a group of maximum 8 people.


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Finally, don't forget that the Argos raid will be available with the March content update. Obviously, we will update this article when the raid is available in Lost Ark.