Lost Ark: How to Beat Moake? Tactics Guide

Moake is one of the toughest bosses you’ll face in Lost Ark. You’ll encounter him in Punika area in Tikatika Colony.


Now, to tackle Moake it is recommended to reach at least item level 1415.


In this short guide, we’ll give you some useful tactics to defeat Moake Boss.


- When he turns red, he does a 360° hit, damaging nearby opponents.


- If Moake raises his tail in the air, he will do an area of ​​effect strike.


- If you see red and white rins then he will do an AoE attack.


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- If you see any effect cones, it fires green or purple wave of energy, so keep your distance from both ends of the boss.


- He will also use his tail to attack you.


- It does different types of AoE attacks.


- He can occasionally pounce on a nearby player.