Lost Ark: How to do the Song of the Deep Sea Quest?

Lost Ark offers you many quests and the Song of the Deep Sea is one of them. In this quick guide, we’ll show you how to do it.


To unlock this quest, you’ll first have to complete a quest called Deep Sea Investigation Preparations and which is given to you by White-tailed Dudon at Vern Castle on the continent of North Vern. If you don't know where this NPC is located, here is an image that gives you its location.


Lost Ark, How to Complete, Song of the Deep Sea, Quest Guide

Once you complete this quest, you will automatically get The Song of the Deep Sea which requires you to complete the Song of the Deep Sea quest.


After completing the Song of the Deep Sea mission, you will be able to continue the series of quests with Forgotten Kingdom of the Abyss, then Guardian of Paradise.