Lost Ark: How to Exchange Coins of Courage Tokens?

Some Lost Ark players are wondering whether it’ll be possible to exchange Coins of Courage with the other in-game currencies. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to earn and exchange Courage Coins in Lost Ark


If you're looking for ways to earn Courage Coins or PVP Tokens in Lost Ark, well, it's only possible to get these valuable coins by completing battles in the various PvP modes.


Now, to enter in PvP battles, you must reach to level 26 and to have completed the main quest Rebuilding Luteran which introduces players to PvP.


This in-game money can be exchanged with the vendors called Quartermasters. They can be located near the PvP arenas. But right now they have nothing to offer you. However, according to the information available on the Asian servers, you can exchange Coins of Courage to mounts, combat XP potions, chests, crystals, leap stones and many other rewards for these coins.


Now to get coins of courage, you must level up all your equipment above item level 302.

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