Lost Ark: How to Unlock, Participate Arkesia Grand Prix?

In Lost Ark, you will be able to take part in a new event titled Arkesia Grand Prix and in this short guide we’ll show you how to unlock it in the game.


With the latest March 10 update, a new event called Arkesia Grand Prix has been introduced to the game and to participate in this event you will have to be level 50 and meet the Arkesia Grand Prix Manager who will be in each major city.


The manager will then give you a daily quest. It should be noted that this NPC will be available in all the major cities of the game except that of Prideholm as it was explained in the official patch notes of the game.


Lost Ark, How to Unlock, Participate, Arkesia Grand Prix

For those looking to know what the Arkesia Grand Prix is ​​all about, well, it's a temporary racing event that sees two teams of seven (7v7) go head- to-head on a circuit being transformed and attempting to compete, achieve their goal while preventing the opposing team from advancing. You will progress by reaching your goals and eating cakes.