The Reason why GT7 Not Allow You to Sell Cars

In Gran Turismo 7 (GT7), you’ll be able to collect cars by purchasing them or by completing missions.


Now, some fans are wonder whether it is possible to resell the cars that have been won for free or purchased and the answer is unfortunately no, the creators have decided not to allow this feature in GT7.


This choice was probably motivated by the fact that in this new game, an XP system has been introduced and is called Collector level. As you'd expect, this new system determines the size of your car collection. We can therefore assume that if we had sold a vehicle, this XP would have been lost and in order to probably avoid bugs, the developers were able to make the decision not to offer an option to sell cars.


Of course, all of these are only our assumptions and we will have to wait for an official response from the creators.

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