Elden Ring: How to Unlock Levels and Progress Fast?

To make progress in Elden Ring, you must first unlock levels. You have to reach certain point in the story to do this. You also need runes to be able to pay for the level up. In this short guide, we’ll show you how the level up works in Elden Ring.


What do you need to level up in Elden Ring?


As we mentioned earlier, you need runes to level up in the game. If you kill enemas, you’ll get a chance to earn these valuable runes. Killing stronger opponents bring you more rewards. If you die, you’ll lose them and can get them back where you died, as long as you don't get killed again.


You use your rewards to buy items from dealers or to level up. Here you have to decide whether you want to buy something with your hard-earned currency or upgrade your character.


If you want to get about three levels faster right at the beginning of the game, you have to choose intermediate land rune from the souvenirs when creating the character. When used, you will get 3,000 runes.


Where you can level up your character?


Elden Ring, How to Unlock, Level Up Fast, Guide

Now, to level up your character you must find the NPC called Melina. To find her, you must visit one of three specific Places of Grace and rest there. This triggers a video sequence in which you get to know Melina.


If you accept Melina's offer to accompany you, you unlock the horse and can now level up at any Place of Grace. To do this, go to the menu and go to the menu item Level up. Then decide which stats you want to upgrade.