New Horizons: How to Get Water Sky Leaf Stone Wood Earth Eggs

The Bunny day event is back in Animal Crossing! As every year, you will have to obtain eggs to make objects.


In total, there are six different types of eggs are available during the Bunny day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Each of them is obtained in a different way, which you can find out below:


Wood Egg: To obtain wood eggs, you will have to equip yourself with your ax, and use it against trees. Wood Eggs should sometimes drop from it!


Earth Egg: The Earth Eggs are obtained by digging in the ground, using your shovel. Their location is indicated on the ground with the same marker as that of the fossils.


New Horizons, How to Get, Leaf Egg,

Stone Egg: Stone Eggs are obtained by hitting rocks with a pickaxe or shovel.


Leaf Egg: You will get the Leaf Eggs by shaking the cherry trees on your island. You will easily spot them thanks to their pink color.


Sky Egg: The Sky Eggs are obtained in the gift balloons present in the air. Those containing eggs have bands of several colors! Use a slingshot to knock them down.


Water Egg: As their name suggests, it is in the water that you will find Water eggs! Equip yourself with your fishing rod and try to fish for medium to large aquatic forms.