Best Settings to Play Apex Legends Mobile, Android, Galaxy S21

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best settings to play Apex Legends Mobile on Samsung Galaxy S21 (Android).


Phone settings:

- Make sure that you set the Priority mode On

- More - Game Plugins - Game Booster Plus On

- More - Game Plugins - Priority Mode - Appex Legends - Background app cleanup - On (make sure that you apply to all games)


In-game settings:

Advanced Setup - Display:

Graphics Quality - ExtremeHD

Frame Rate - Ultra

Adaptive Smoothing - Off

Display FPS - On

FPP FOV - 100

TPP FOV - 100

Graphics Style (Post Effect) - Classic


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Dynamic Shadows - On

Anti-aliasing - Off

Refraction Quality - Off

Boom - Off

Vegetation - On