How to Get Cargobob for Free in GTA 5 Story Mode, Online?

How to steal or obtain Cargobob in GTA 5 Story Mode?


In the GTA 5 Story Mode, you’ll get a chance to obtain a Cargobob in the following ways:


- Near the Barracks Helipads, scare off the pilot before he takes off fly off  


- At Fort Zancudo


- You can also get one during the Cargobob mission, you land the chopper at the Sandy Shores Airfield helipad, then you leave it. This causes the mission to fail, but you don't need to start it again. Then pass on Trevor who should normally appear near Fort Zacundo, then you go back to the Sandy Shores Airfield and you will see that the chopper is still there


For the Jetsam one, you have to do the same as above, but this time, instead of leaving the chopper, you have to kill yourself or get killed.


How to steal or obtain Cargobob in GTA 5 Online?


There are several ways to obtain or steal this chopper from certain locations in GTA 5 Online map. It appears randomly at the following locations after you reach Rank 22:


Los Santos Airport

Vespucci Helipad

How to Get, Cargobob, Free, GTA 5, Story Mode, Online
Fort Zancudo

Los Santos Hospital

Davis Sheriff's Station Helipad

Vespucci Police Station Helipad

N.O.O.S.E. Headquarters Helipad