How to play Minecraft Hour of Code 2022?

If you are wondering where or how to play Minecraft Hour of Code on your mobile, computer or console, you will have to do the following:


- Open your Web browser

- Then type Minecraft Hour of Code

- Then click on “Minecraft Hour of Code” to be able to play the game


In Minecraft Hour of Code, you’ll get many levels and each one consists of solving puzzles with instructions that will be shown above the workspace. All you have to do is click on a block and place them one below the other, then click on the "Start" button and the sequence of actions you have associated in the workspace will run. If you have correctly associated the actions, you can go to the next level by clicking on “Continue”.


How to Play, Minecraft, Hour of Code, 2022

Finally, once you've completed all of the levels, you can click "I'm done with my hour of code" and start customizing a certificate that you can share or print.