Ni no Kuni Crossworlds: How to Get More CP Character Power?

To progress more effectively in Ni no Kuni Crossworlds, you need to have Character Power (CP) and you can get them in many ways including opening chests.


Here are some activities that are going to allow you to get more CPs in Ni no Kuni Crossworlds.


As you progress through the game's story

By unlocking achievements within the game, some of which will be acquired by progressing in the story

By equipping yourself with equipment, including accessories and by using pets, you will obtain a certain number of CPs

By improving your equipment, but it will not be the most profitable and interesting at the start of the game

Ni no Kuni Crossworlds. How to, Get More, CP, Character Power

By completing the Collection and the Codex

Thanks to the realm buff

By opening chests and finding panoramas

By gaining levels