Ni no Kuni: Fix Account Confirmation email not receive

Ni no Nuki: Cross Worlds is now available to play on iOS / Android devices and also on PC. However, you need a mobile account to be able to connect to the launcher on PC and it is important to associate an email address with your account to be able to use both platforms.


To confirm the association of an email address to your account, a confirmation email will send you with a link, on which it is necessary to click to validate everything.


But what to do if this email does not arrive? In this case, we recommend that you:


Check your spam

Restart the association of email address to your account within 15 minutes

If it still doesn't work, wait a few hours before trying again. Indeed, the game has just launched, it may be that the servers are overloaded and have trouble sending these confirmation emails to all players. 

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