Sparkee: How to Get Pet in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds?

In Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, you’ll get many challenges and collection of pets also one of them. These pets or creatures that you have collected can be used to form a team to face the multiple challenges of the game.


Sparkee is a rare 4-star pet. This is a powerful creature that will accompany you for a long time in your adventure. To get this pet, there are several methods, but know above all that none of them guarantees you to obtain it 100%.


Summon Sparkee


The first method is to perform familiar summons. To access this menu:


Open the menus at the top right of your screen

Tap "Shop" and "Summon"

Tap the "Familiars" tab

Sparkee, How to Get, Pets Ni no Kuni, Cross Worlds, Guide

To summon a familiar, all you need to do is spend Diamonds (100 for a summon) or summon tickets (1 for a summon).


Hatch Sparkee


The second method is to try to hatch an egg to get Sparkee. Again, this method does not guarantee you 100% of getting it, but you can try your luck by choosing the type of pet you hope to get. To access the hatch you must:


Open the menus at the top right of your screen

Tap "Familiar" and "Hatching"

Click on an empty egg

Fulfill your conditions

Wait for the egg to hatch