Best Settings to Run Diablo Immortal on Old or New Mobile

In this short guide, we’ll show you the best settings to run Diablo Immortal smoothly on old or new Android mobile devices.

First, make sure that your Priority Mode is activated


Next, we’ll go to game plugin - It is really important to use the Game Booster Plus you want to make sure that all the optimization on your phone is activated when you're playing Diablo Immortal so that your phone can really focus on the game.


You can also use the Perf Z, it's just like some stats that you can see the amount of fps, gpu degrees about temperature.


You also need to activate the Priority Mode, then click on it and go to Diablo Immortal and make sure that the Background App Cleanup is activated. Also make sure to activate Apply to all games.


Diablo Immortal In-Game Settings


Display - Classic




FPS (Frame Rate) - 60 (30 for older phones)


Resolution - High


Image Sharpening - Off


Quality Selection - Custom


Visual Effects - Medium


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Shadows - Low


Fog - Low


Post Processing - Off


Anti-Aliasing - Low


Environmental Details - Medium


Monster Effects - Medium


Bloom Effect - Off


Vegetation Burning Effects - Off


Reduce PvP Effects - Off


Device Load - Medium (Low for older phones)