In this short guide, we’ll show you the best graphics and Windows settings to run Diablo Immortal smoothly without stuttering or lagging on your low-end or high-end PC.


Windows Settings:


Game Mode - On


Xbox Game Bar - Off


Background Recording - Off


Recorded Audio - Off


Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling - On


Make sure that your graphics driver is up-to-date


Power option - Balance or High Performance (Laptop)


In-Game Settings:


Display - Classic

Best Settings to Run Diablo Immortal on Old new PC



Frame Rate - Uncapped  


Vertical Sync - On


Image Sharpening - Off


Graphics Settings


Quality selection - Custom


Visual Effects - Medium


Shadows - Low


Fog - Low


Post Processing - Off

Anti-Aliasing - Low


Environmental Details - Medium


Monster Effects - Medium


Bloom Effects - Off


Vegetation Burning Effects - Off


Global Lighting - Off


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