Diablo Immortal: How to Spend Money?

Diablo Immortal is completely free to play video game. However, you can spend real money to buy certain items in the game and in this guide, we’ll show you which are the purchases that you should give maximum priority to if you want to put money in the game.


Diablo Immortal is not pay to win game, meaning that spending money will certainly save you some time, but it won't make you stronger.


So what to buy in Diablo Immortal? As we mentioned above, spending real money is not compulsory to take full advantage of the game. However, if you want to have a little boost to go a little faster, it may be worth investing some money.


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The Diablo Immortal Battle Pass is the best buy you can make. It will allow you to unlock additional rewards, in addition to the rewards obtained with the free battle pass.


Resources can also be interesting. In the shop, you’ll find plenty of resources that you can use to gain important upgrades. Please note that this is absolutely not mandatory to take full advantage of the game.