Fortnite C3 S3: Max Shields at Temple Location Map

Fortnite weekly challenges for Chapter 3 Season 3 are now available! These challenges bring you XP. However, some of them can be difficult to perform since they require you to go to specific places or perform unusual actions.


One of the challenges for this week asks you to “Max Your Shield at Temple”. But where are these temples located in the game? We’ll show you their locations!


To succeed in this quest, you will have to go to a temple! There are two currently in the game, which are also notable places however, their names are not indicated on the map. To find them easily, you can use the map below:

Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 3, Max Shields, Temple, Location, Map

The highest temple is simply called "Temple", while the one a little further south is the "Small Temple". Go to one of these two locations to complete the quest. Don't forget that once there, you will have to reach the maximum shield level! So don't hesitate to find as many shield potions as possible before going there.