Fortnite: How to Join Prop Hunt: Mall, Complete Island Hopper?

A new set of quests are now available in Fortnite, different from the previous weekly challenges that we are used to seeing! These are the “Island Hopper” quests and to join them you will have to go to different game modes. In each of these modes you will get a quest to complete, which will earn you XP.


To join Prop Hunt: Modern Mall game mode, you will have to use a specific code! To do this, follow the steps below:


Go to the list of Fortnite game modes

Click at the top of the screen on "Island code"

Enter the following island code: 1234-1679-1165


Fortnite, How to Join, Prop Hunt, Mall, Complete Island Hopper

Once it's done, validate to reach the Prop Hunt: Modern Mall. You will then be able to pass the requested challenge without worry, then continue with the Island Hopper quests. Five other challenges are to be completed in different islands, and will allow you to earn even more XP! Don't hesitate to complete them all to benefit from this advantage and find out different maps in the game.