Junker Queen’s Abilities in Overwatch 2

The Junker Queen (voiced by Leah de Niese) is the latest tanker introduced to Overwatch 2. She comes with a full kit that helps her team to play much more aggressively.


The Junker queen's spell kit revolves around three principles: aggression, self healing, and ally boosting. If you manage to take advantage of all her abilities then you will be an unstoppable force.


Basic Shooting: As a basic ability, this tanker uses a powerful shotgun in close or mid-range combat.


Carnage: She can also use her Axe, inflicting melee damage.


Command Shout: This is her first ability and it will increase speed and health for all nearby allies.

Junker Queen’s, Abilities, Overwatch 2, voiced, Leah de Niese

Knife Throw: Her second ability is knife throw. If her knife hits a target, it deals damage and applies a Wound state, healing Junker Queen for a portion of the damage dealt. If she reuses the ability, she removes the knife from the target and pulls it towards her.


Ultimate Ability: The Junker Queen spins all of her weapons around her in a magnetic storm then charges forward. All targets hit take damage, can no longer heal themselves, and suffer the Wound effect, healing the Junker Queen.