Mario Strikers Battle League Controls, Standard and Solo Keys

Mario Strikers Battle League offers you many actions. To be able to use them effectively, it is necessary for you to control the keys and here we will list all the available controls in the game. 

Standard keys

L - To advance

R - To dodge

HAS - Shoot

B - Pass

X - Use object

Y - Lob pass / Tackle (without the ball)

ZL/L - Change character (without the ball

ZR  - Dash

ZL+Y - Free lob pass (without the ball)

ZL+B - Free pass (without the ball)

+ - Pause menu

Mario Strikers, Battle League, Controls, Standard, Solo, Keys

Solo controller keys

L - To advance

Shake L or R - To dodge

Right arrow - Shoot

Down arrow - Pass

Up arrow - Use object

Left arrow - Lob pass / Tackle (without the ball)

SL - Change character (without the ball

SR - Dash

SL + Left Arrow - Free lob pass (without the ball)

SL + Down Arrow - Free pass (without the ball)

- - Pause menu