Rocket League: what's new in season 7 update?

Rocket League Season 7 is now alive, bringing fresh content for all players. 


Regularly, new update arrives in Rocket League, allowing the game to be renewed with new content. It is then possible to discover a brand new Rocket Pass, but also many new rewards to be obtained in the game. But what about this new season, which is season 7 of the game?


The latest update brings many new features to the Rocket Pass:


Sushi Roller wheels

The Aquarium Player Banner

Carat Cutter wheels

The Marble Floor Decal

The Kinda Big Deal Player Title


Rocket League, What's New, Season 7, Update

Obviously, this is not the complete list, the rest is to be discovered in the game! In addition to these rewards, others are to be obtained in the pro levels of the Pass, i.e. from level 70. Some of these rewards even require reaching level 150!


Additional Features


A new terrain will also be discovered: the golden Utopia Coliseum arena ! In addition to that, it will be possible to obtain new tournament rewards:


The Got Next Player Banner

The Nunya wheels: burned

The Dunker Goal Explosion