What’s New in iOS 16, is it worth upgrading your phone?

The Developer Beta version of iOS 16 is now available and it's time to take a look at what's new in the latest Apple mobile operating system.


The size of the iOS 16 Beta is about 27 GB and your iPhone should be 8 or above to install the latest version of iOS OS.


So let’s check out the new features and at the home screen you can't really see anything that's changed it's pretty much similar to the previous version of the OS, iOS 15.


The biggest visual change is definitely on the lock screen with a brand new personalized theme. Now with iOS 16, the potential of customizing your log screen is endless and there are a couple of featured options that you can play with like weather and astronomy. If you check out the astronomy, you can see we have the Earth theme, you can have that zoomed look, you can have moon, detailed moon look and solar system. Then you can add widgets as well.


So once you are done with your widgets, you can also play with the times. So you can check out the different font or different color, depending on if you want a lighter or more saturated look or just pick up any color you want, which is pretty nice.


What’s New in iOS 16, is it worth upgrading your phone?

Again, there's a lot of options to choose from whatever theme that you go with. If you pick emojis, you'll have the ability to again add your widgets, change the font of the clock plus you can add your emojis as well. So once you're satisfied with the look, you can just press done and that's it.


Now, we have a new look for the music player, instead of taking the space in the middle, it's now placed nicely at the bottom.


We also have better log screen notification ergonomics. So they just kind of expand and go down which is really good. And of course they also bundle up depending on the application. Definitely a nice implementation compared to the iOS 15.


Now, next up we have some cool features coming into the message where you can actually un-send and also edit your message. Now this will only work in under 15 minutes and also it will only work if the person on the other hand also has iOS 16. So if they're running the older version of iOS, then this will sadly not going to work.


Now, on the home screen there's nothing really changed except they have added the spotlight search option right on the front and also the search bar is down, which is very reachable.


Last year Apple added the ability to copy text from the photos, but now you can copy text from videos as well and it works really nicely just like you expect it to work, which is super helpful.


Next up, we have Face ID working in landscape mode.


Next up, we have some new additions to Siri. Previously Siri was kind of dumb. It had no ability to add any emojis. But now with iOS 16, Siri can actually show emotions.


Also, iOS 16 brings Haptic to the keyboard, which makes this look even more premium. If you go to the Sound and Haptics in the settings and go to keyboard feedback there you can see the Haptic tool.


Now, one of my new favorite features with iOS 16 is the Personalized Special Audio. This actually uses the TrueDepth Camera system to take a full scan of your environment, giving you a proper personalized spatial audio experience based on your environment.


With iOS 16, users can finally see their passwords, which is pretty cool. So it does require the Face ID.


Now, we have some new much needed additions to the Photos app, so you can now actually see the duplicates of your pictures. So you can delete them and have more storage.


Also, you have more security for the hidden and recently deleted Gallery. In order to access that, you have to do the Face ID scan. This is very nice security addition that we didn't have before.


Now, with a new favorite iOS 16 feature is the ability to schedule emails. So if you just press and hold on the send button, you get a couple of options to select or you can send it later and select your own time so it gives you a full calendar. You can pretty much schedule an email for whatever date literally all the way up to 2000 or whatever date you want to pick up, even whatever time you want to pick up.


Now, Apple has improved the security even more. Third party applications will have to take permission to see what you have copied on your clipboard. Also with iOS 16, Apple introduces the seamless security update meaning the security updates will be installed seamlessly in the background of your iPhone without the need for restarting the device.


Also, Apple is making the shared album iCloud feature more seamless for those of you who are using it. So you can just take a photo and basically it gets uploaded to that album automatically.


These were some of my favorite iOS 16 (developer beta) features.