Digimon Survive: How Recruitment System Works? Catch Digimon

In this short guide we’ll show the how to catch or get Digimon to your side in Digimon Survive.


Digimon Survive is a game that is heavily based on the connections that you build with the characters in the game and it carries that into its Digimon recruitment system.


At a certain point in the game you unlock free battles in which you're able to talk to the enemy Digimon, this will prompt a series of three questions that have four answers each. As you answer these questions they will have an effect on the affection meter, if they are the best answer it will increase by two, if it's an okay answer it'll increase by one, if it's a bad answer it'll decrease by one and if it's the worst answer it'll decrease by two.


Once you have answered three questions, if your gauge is at least past that halfway point you'll be able to ask the Digimon to either join you or to give you an item depending on how full it is the effects will be increased accordingly.

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Your other choices in the game will affect your join rates depending on the Digimon type. Harmony answers will increase your success rate for Data Digimon, Wrathful answers will increase the success rate for Virus Digimon and Moral answers will increase your catch rate for Vaccine types. However, there are some negative side effects to the conversation system in battle if you do not get above that halfway point you will make the Digimon angry and it will get a buff depending on how badly you did. This could easily result in the permanent death of a recruited Digimon that you've spent hours working on. So be very careful.