F1 22: Fix Errors, Currently known Bugs and Workaround

F1 22 developer, EA, has listed on its site and its forum all the bugs most often encountered by players. The developer also encourages its players to provide feedback in the event of bugs in order to have a sample of existing problems to correct them as best as possible.


The first known bug relates to undetected accessories in games, two fixes have been provided for the moment: directly connect the pedals to the steering wheel to connect the two accessories to the PC.


On Steam, it may be useful to disable Steam Mantle configuration support. Then, FPS losses can be recorded by using steering wheel or pedals, the developer is currently investigating the situation and offers the same fix as for unrecognized peripherals: directly connect the pedals to the steering wheel.


F1 22, Fix Errors, Bugs, Workaround
Regarding gameplay bugs, there are known issues with joining friends in lobbies in Career Mode, as well as missing Loyalty Pack items, Champions Edition items not appearing as "new" in the game or not receiving Champions Edition content on the EA App. For these various problems, no fixes, except to wait for the developer to intervene.


Finally, PS4 and Xbox 1 players are reportedly experiencing in-game crashes, which is also being researched by the developers.